My Name is Ken Lane


My wife and I have two young kids and live in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario Canada. I have been in finance for over 10 years now and have progressively moved up in Accounting and Finance roles with the same dedication I now bring to you.  My wife has been a Nurse for the last five years choosing to go back to school after our first child was born.

This work history has lead us to creating this site.  We know what it is like to try to have a home, raise kids, and live a normal full time life on part time or one income family.

We have faced the following:

  • Unexpected job loss
  • Maternity leave
  • CRA Adjustment
  • Business Failure

At times it feels like your rent or mortgage is holding you back, that credit card bill, that car payment is dragging you down.  The end of the month comes and you have worked your butt off but have nothing to show for it, or even worse, you are in more debt than you were the month before.

All these feelings is what drove us to take my finance education and apply it to our lives.  This feeling of hopelessness causes issues with your marital relationship and you have to decide that you have had enough.

Those feelings, those financial emergencies, that pressure is now as they say "history".